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On today's show Sam spoke with Cliff Schecter about the DNC. Both Cliff and Sam agreed that the production value of DNC was a lot better than the RNC's debacle and that the only thing people remember from Tampa is Clint Eastwood's chair address. Cliff told us what he liked and didn't like about Obama's speech, the importance of keeping up the fight against Social Security and Medicare cuts and the disturbing pro Simpson-Bowles sentiments expressed by the keynote speakers. Obamabot (Andy Kindler) had a different reaction to the speech and reminded Sam that we must continue to believe in hope and that drones get the job done. Abi Hassen from the National Lawyers Guild told Sam about protests that took place during the DNC from both left and right and said that Charlotte was far less militarized than Tampa. Also the The National Lawyers Guild is fundraising to support its vital work in protecting demonstrators.

On the Better Half: Germo's wife is afraid that the Majority Report is a cult and Sam offers to have her in studio to clear out her negative energy, Sam maintains there is a real difference between Obama and Romney winning, but says the best scenario for protecting social security is Democratic control of Congress plus all of your calls and IMS.

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