The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff tells us why he thinks Romney picked Paul Ryan. Joe Biden says that Social Security won't be touched and Sam and Cliff say that progressives should push the Obama Biden campaign to make the same commitments for Medicare and Medicade. Circumstantial evidence that Mitt Romney may have been part of a criminal tax avoidance scheme and Cliff gives two cable anchors credit for calling out Republican lies.

Hari Kondabolu writer for the new FX show Totally Biased joined Sam to give some movie recommendations, but before he could get to them Sam almost cost him his job. Hari said that we should check out Chris Rock'sGood Hair and the Bollywood movie Lagaan.

And Jimmy Reefercake has a new song for us.

On the Better Half:
Missouri Senate candidate says the federal government shouldn't give poor kids school lunches, Sam probably won't go to either of the conventions, but Mike from Florida thought he should and Sam explained the key differences between the Obama and Ryan Medicare plans.

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