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Sam Pizzigati from the Institute for Policy Studies joins us to discuss his new book, The Case for a Maximum Wage. By leveraging the power of the public purse against corporations, Pizzigati argues, we could help jump-start a more democratic “New Economy.”

On today's show: Trump's star removed from Hollywood walk of fame because it kept getting vandalized. Saudi Arabia threatens Canada with 9/11 style tweet. Charlie Kirk says violence will ensue if the Dems take back Congress. Candace Owens compares being harassed by antifa to lunch counter protests in the Civil Rights era.

Sam Pizzigati joins us to discuss his new book, "The Case for a Maximum Wage." The scope of income inequality in the US today. The factors that mitigated inequality during the golden age of social democracy, namely: a strong labor movement and a progressive taxation system. How the wealthy and corporations chipped away at these safeguards beginning in the 1960s. How CEO pay drives inequality. The difficulties of sustaining redistributionist policies and the idea of "pre-distribution." Pizzigati's proposal for a politically plausible path to reducing wealth inequality.

On the fun half: A caller discusses Les Moonves and Hollywood's coopting of #metoo. Trump voter apologizes to the nation on CNN: "It was the biggest mistake I ever made." Alex Jones responds to his de-platforming in his trademark bonkers fashion. A reminder to Missourians to vote NO on prop A, a right to work law being put to referendum. Fox Business mocks "ridiculous" bipartisan bill providing three months' paid bereavement leave. The crew discuss the rising popularity of socialism. Progressive Democrat Abdul el-Sayed's inspiring campaign ad (vote for him in the gubernatorial primary if you live in MI!) A caller lays out his path from conservatism to socialism. A Passover-style discussion on the left's approach to Israel.

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