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Alex Pareene (@pareene) and Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) join us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: Journalist Alex Pareene (@pareene) joins us to give his take on Russiagate and more. Michael Cohen taped Trump talking about payment to Playboy model. Is this a warning shot from Cohen's team? The pile up of evidence of widespread corruption touching much of the Republican Party. Andrea Mitchell reveals Putin will be visiting the White House to bewildered DNI director Dan Coats. The hyperfocus on Russia by both the dumb dumb left and brain worm center. Julian Assange might be leaving London for Ecuador. Pareene's take on Republicans who are glad Russia tampered with the election.

Andy Kindler, host of Thought Spiral, joins us for a classic Dennis Miller burn session. Bill O'Reilly says his Irish ancestors were oppressed, ergo white privilege is a lie. Bill's sad web show featuring a sad, defeated Dennis Miller, who may or may not be Skyping from the toilet. Miller and O'Reilly complain about PC culture, lament Mel Brooks comedy. Church bells remind Richard Dawkins how much he hates Muslims. Dave Rubin complains about "demonetization" by Youtube. A new Jimmy Reefercake song is played.

On the fun half: NH governor Chris Sununu signs poll tax law he previously opposed. John from San Antonio analyzes the data on AOC. A Swede warns us about climate change. A caller questions Andy's Venezuela segment. A caller problematizes the liberal adulation of the deep state.

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