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On today's show: Trump is having second thoughts on his negotiations with North Korea. The Supreme Court issues an anti-labor ruling. Home Depot tycoon Ken Langone tells millennials they, too, can love capitalism if only they give it a try. Border patrol agent detains two women for speaking Spanish in Montana. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick says schools need to limit the number of entrances to prevent shootings. Sean Hannity wants the government to monitor every student's social media account. Lt. Gov. Patrick thinks abortion led to Santa Fe shooting. Oliver North throws stone from glass house, says "culture of violence" is to blame for mass shootings (also Ritalin).

On the fun half: John from San Antonio updates us on how Berniecrats are doing in primaries. Caller Mariana on the complex web of factors driving the incel movement. (It might be fun to mock these people, but is it politically helpful?) A fedora-adorned Jordan Peterson thinks "good men" are going away because boys aren't allowed to throw snowballs anymore. A list of JP's un-published works. The connection between many mass shootings and far right ideology. A severely abbreviated summary of how capitalism (and its helpers patriarchy and white supremacy) provides the basis for toxic incel culture.

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