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On today’s show, Jamila Michener (@povertyscholar), Professor in the department of Government at Cornell University, joins us to discuss her new book, Fragmented Democracy: Medicaid, Federalism, and Unequal Politics. Medicaid is one of the most fundamental aspects of the US federal safety net, however it is fractured and constantly under attack by state governments, especially in GOP-controlled states. Michener explains that states have very expansive control over what they will and will not cover for its Medicaid recipients. The way that Americans provide care is fragmented and inconsistent. Michener says American social policy towards people living in poverty is one where we give people as little help as possible. States should have an much discretion as possible when dealing with its poor people. This is most illustrative in the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. In the former we have a nationalized program where the funding and policy is set by the federal program; and in the latter a program that is different from state to state, leaving a vulnerable class at the whims of its state’s balance sheet. Michener and Sam also consider lower class involvement in the political process and how their action or absence influences election outcomes. Finally, Michener describes the ground game for Medicare-For-All.

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