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Best of from April 2017,

Chris Hayes, host of the Chris Hayes Show and author of, A Colony in a Nation, explains Richard Nixon’s role in the creation of the modern law and order state. Colonialism and American revolution. Why smugglers were popular in early American history. Colonial era smuggling and the modern drug war. The murder of Eric Garner and Jefferson’s attack on the crown. Policing and revenue and Ferguson. Police as occupying forces. White fear and American history. Police violence, African Americans and recurring themes in American history. What changed in 1968. Jeff Sessions unshackles police departments and the return of private prisons. What fuels change? Is there a way to change white fear and pathology? Understanding Trump’s mind and American bigotry and The what people are missing about the Nunes story.


Also, Ivanka loves board games so much they've never been unboxed and Alex Jones gets frustrated with Mike Cernovich.

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