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The Washington Post reports that the acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he couldn’t speak freely before Congress on whistleblower complaint

Meanwhile, a new report claims the whole Ukraine scheme began as effort to pardon former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort! 

And lastly, Trump’s pick to lead the Fish and Wildlife Service is linked to Monsanto AND anti-animal-protection groups.


An adviser to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky told ABC News that Trump’s desire for the two leaders to discuss a possible investigation into Joe Biden was a precondition for their July 25th phone call.

Said the adviser: “It was clear that Trump will only have communications if they will discuss the Biden case. This issue was raised many times. Ukrainian officials understood.”

Newsweek is reporting that several prominent progressive groups are calling on House Democratic leadership to cancel a planned congressional hiatus for the first two weeks of October in order to help fast track House Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

A review of ad data by Sludge dot com finds that Facebook has accepted millions of dollars in advertising fees from hate groups and hate figures despite its anti-hate speech policy.

And BuzzFeed News reports that Trump's own lawyers suggested Democrats would have a stronger case to get his records if they were pursuing impeachment. 


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