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A new report says Trump personally ordered a hold on Ukrainian military aid as Nancy Pelosi finally starts looking into impeachment. 

Meanwhile, centrist think tank Third Way is testing attacks on Medicare For All with help from some friends of Joe Biden.

And lastly, New York prosecutors reject Trump's “sweeping immunity” claim against a subpoena for his tax returns.


Officials in Afghanistan told CBS News Monday that dozens of civilians were killed during a raid on Taliban hideouts by U.S. and Afghan special forces in the southern province.

Bernie Sanders released a plan that seeks to cancel $81 billion in past-due medical bills for Americans, and a new Capitol Weekly poll in California finds Elizabeth Warren leading the Democratic presidential field with 29%, followed by Sanders at 21% and Joe Biden at 18%.

The Trump administration will effectively will end “catch and release” - the practice of detaining migrant families before releasing them into the U.S. while they await an immigration court hearing.

And Bill Weld, longshot candidate for the GOP nomination for president, accused Donald Trump of "treason" for pressing Ukraine's President to investigate Joe Biden and stated bluntly that the penalty for treason in the United Staes, “is death."

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