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Impeachment is now looking very likely after Trump admits he talked to Ukraine about investigating Biden. 

Meanwhile, Trump plans to hold a religious freedom event at the UN on the same day world leaders gather there for an important climate summit. 

And lastly, the GOP has internal data that shows any ban on vaping could destroy their hopes Trump winning reelection in 2020. 


A New York judge has fined a Queen’s landlord $17,000 for threatening to Call ICE on a tenant. Lawyers for the city’s human-rights commission said they believe the case is first in the U.S. where an individual was penalized for threatening to call immigration authorities.

Politico reports that Trump’s reelection campaign team is growing increasingly worried about a repeat winning performance in Michigan, considered the “crown jewel” of his 2016 victory. The concern illustrates how Trump’s support in Rust Belt states that propelled him to the presidency is evaporating. 

An eight-vehicle motorcade for Vice President Mike Pence drove onto Michigan’s Mackinac Island on Saturday, where cars have been generally banned for over a century. The motorcade angered locals, as well as observers on social media, including Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who called the the long line of black SUVs “disgusting”.

And global women's rights advocates raised alarm Monday after a leaked letter showed the Trump administration is pressuring U.N. member nations to join an international anti-abortion coalition.

The letter, first reported by the Guardian and set to be presented Monday during a U.N. General Assembly meeting on universal health coverage, urges nations to oppose the creation of "a new international right to abortion."

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