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Amid new reports that a high-level whistleblower complaint against Trump centers on Ukraine, Rudy Giuliani tells CNN, ‘Yeah, I asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. So what?!’ 

Meanwhile, Colt, maker of the AR-15, is suspending its production of the rifles for civilians,  calling the move a “market-driven decision.” 

And lastly, prominent black leaders prepare to condemn attacks by Bernie Sanders supporters amid the fallout of the Working Families Party’s endorsement of Elizabeth Warren.


The number of birds across North America has dropped by nearly 3 billion since 1970, according to a report Thursday from Science Magazine. That's a 30 percent reduction in the populations, marking what National Audubon Society President David Yarnold calls, “a full-blown crisis."

Annual complaints to government intelligence watchdog hotline have more than doubled since Trump took office. According to public records numbers for the latest fiscal year are on pace to be even higher. 

Washington Post reports that Housing Secretary Ben Carson warned of “big hairy men” trying to gain admittance to women’s homeless shelter during his San Francisco HUD office visit. Three people present at the meeting told the Post that the comment was an attack on transgender women.

The Bernie Sanders’ campaign is urging the Democratic National Committee to demand that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo approves legislation to extend the state’s deadline to change party registration, which is less than a month away. 

And sevens months from his announcement, Bernie has become the first 2020 candidate to reach 1 million donors. It took Sanders nine months to hit a million the last time around, and it took Hillary Clinton almost a year to reach the milestone in 2016.

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