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General Motors cuts off healthcare for 50,000 striking Union workers, a move that exposes the systemic inhumanity of the American healthcare system.

Meanwhile, New Mexico announces a bold new plan to provide free college for residents regardless of family income.

And lastly, Arizona progressives are looking to censure their Trump-loving Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema.


Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are tied for first place among Democratic primary voters in California, while home-state Sen. Kamala Harris is running in a distant fifth, according to a new poll.

The Emerson University survey released Tuesday shows Biden and Sanders leading the pack in California with 26 percent support each, followed by Elizabeth Warren at 20 percent. No other candidate secures double-digit support in the poll.

CNN reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's grip on power seems to be slipping after Israeli media projected him neck-and-neck with centrist rival Benny Gantz, following a re-run general election on Tuesday.

And the Department of Justice is trying to get the profits from Edward Snowden’s new book. The DOJ filed a lawsuit on Tuesday alleging Snowden violated a nondisclosure agreement he signed while working with the government.

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