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House votes to condemn Trump racist Tweets with just four Republicans backing the measure. (Splinter)

Planned Parenthood removes the first physician to lead the organization in nearly 50 years, after spending less than a year on the job. (PBS)

Over 3 million people have given money to Democrats online this yea, signaling another big year for small-dollar donations on the left. (Daily Beast)


Washington Post reports that Roger Stone has been barred by U.S. judge from posting on social media during his current trial. The judge says Stone violated the terms of his release, and may seek a contempt hearing after trial. (NPR)

A new study finds that automotive giant Volkswagen cheated on emissions standards and their cars have been emitting dangerous pollutants at levels up to 150 times that of a normal car. (VOX)

The Hill reports that the Trump administration is gutting the Department of Labor public lands agency, leaving less than 1% of staff working in the nation's capital. (HILL)

Washing Post is reporting that six high-ranking employees at Southwest Key, a nonprofit organization housing thousands of migrant children for the federal government, made at least $1 million for their work in 2017. (WaPo)

And Pacific-Standard reports that anti-ICE activists  shut down three of PNC bank’s Manhattan branches yesterday in response to the bank’s continued funding of immigrant detention facilities. (Pacific-Standard)


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