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The NRA pulls its leash on Trump after he shows support for background checks. (Raw Story)

Meanwhile, all hospitalized victims of Sunday’s mass shooting in Texas refuse to meet with the president during his visit to El Paso. (CBS News)

And lastly, ICE detains nearly 700 workers in Mississippi. (Payday Report)


Elizabeth Warren is proposing a public option for the internet. The 2020 contender says she wants to make sure every U.S. home has a fiber broadband connection at an affordable cost.

From ABC News; Billionaire Tom Steyer has spent more than $6.6 million on television and online ads in the first four weeks of his campaign, according to television and online ad data.

And the New York Times reports that President Trump is reportedly mulling the commutation of the 14-year sentence of former Illinois Governor — and former Celebrity Apprentice contestant — Rod Blagojevich, who was convicted in 2011 of 17 federal corruption charges after trying to sell off the appointment to the vacated Senate seat of newly-elected President Barack Obama.

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