The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter discussed: the Iranian president's wishing of Jews a happy new year, pondered the chances of the Syria war resolution passing congress, why the Republican leadership holds no sway in the House, how losing the Syria vote would effect Obama's poll numbers, why we never learn the lessons of blowback, America's and its allies use of chemical weapons and the many nightmare scenarios for Syria and America.

Director David Wain: explained how Sam inspired Wet Hot American summer, why David Wain wants to live close to his children, he and Sam discussed "the Gawker" how much David likes Who's the Caboose, he and Sam debated House of Cards and recommended the The China Syndrome. 

The Obama Administration will let states move ahead with Marijuana decriminalization, the role of the climate crises in Syria and your calls and IMs.

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