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Cliff Schecter discussed the new evidence confirm his and Sam's predictions that Ryan was an awful choice as a running mate for Romney, pretty much everyone agrees he should have picked Bob Portman instead also more polls showing the shocking result that people like Medicare. The success of Obama's populist campaign in Ohio and Todd Akin knows he is gaining ground on Claire MCcaskill because of her "unladylike" behavior and Cliff thinks if the Republicans lose bad they may become even more crazy and intransigent.

Isabel Gillies joined Sam for a "TMI" edition of movie recommendations which began with a long discussion of Menopause and concluded with Isabel telling us to watch the great Japanese documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Mitt Romney is the type of hero! that would help a friend dock a boat for a minute, Dick Morris makes some election predictions so crazy that even Sean Hannity can't believe it, Bibi Netanyahu uses some very silly visuals to explain how close Iran is to a nuclear bomb, Bibi has been saying that Iran is months away from having a nuclear weapon 1992 and Mitt Romney is now less popular than George W Bush. We get Dubya's reaction.

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