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Political strategist and Majority Report regular Cliff Schecter explains why Adrian Peterson should be in prison, why violence does not work in raising children, the culture of the NFL, Scotland rejects independence, why the Yes vote winning was always a long shot, the nature of the Ebola crisis, President Obama deploys troops to help control the Ebola outbreak, why the Obama Administration's response to Ebola is the best case of American intervention, Congress votes to arm Syrian "moderate" rebels, the the vote to fund Syrian rebels broke down, the new "security mom" demographic, how the midterms will play out and why not to trust President Obama with a Republican Senate.

On The Fun Half: Ben Carson claims that in order to understand President Obama you need to read "Mein Kampf", 64 percents of Americans can't name all three branches of government, the nature of American welfare programs and your calls and IMs.

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