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On today's show: Sarah Huckabee Sanders "can't guarantee" there's no tape of Trump saying the n-word. The crew breaks down the latest round of primary victories for progressives (hell yeah!): Christine Halquist in VT, Ilhan Omar in MN,  Rashida Tlaib in MI, Randy Bryce in WI, and more.

Catholic church of PA covered up sexual abuse of over 1,000 children. John from San Antonio breaks down the latest wave of primary results: Is the Overton window finally moving left? Fox News economist Liz Peek claims against all evidence the Laffer curve is real, lower taxes = more tax revenue.

On the fun half: Understanding Kaniela Ing's loss in HI. Colbert grills Bernie on failed candidates he endorsed: is there a "taint" to socialism? Jason Kessler's livestream interrupted by his dad yelling at him to stop doing white supremacy interviews in his house. Steve Cohen (D-TN) wishes Marsha Blackburn would "jump off a bridge," she responds with Christ. Tucker Carlson attacks refugees for using food assistance, claims birthright citizenship means no one should have to follow laws. A caller weighs Space Force against more pressing needs, like healthcare. How the crackdowns on legal immigration terrorize immigrants, even if they aren't passed. A caller on his experience as a student at a cyber charter school. ICE arrests DACA recipient at #OccupyICE protest. A plug for Red State Conference 2018, which will be held August 25 in Lincoln, NE.

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