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Cliff Schecter and Sam recap the fallout from the first GOP debate. Who is gonna win the New Hampshire Republican Primary? Is Donald Trump the future kingmaker of the Republican Party. Is Ted Cruz now a real contender for the Republican nomination? Chuck Schumer's absurd opposition to the Iran deal and why he should not lead the Democrats in the Senate. The transformation of media and why Chuck Schumer can't get away with his war mongering. The president of United Against  Nuclear Iran resigns because he backs the Iran nuclear agreement. But, UANI now has Joe Lieberman supporting the deal. Why the prospects for the Iran deal look good in Congress and is Chuck Schumer out as the next Democratic leader? And Jeb Bush says taking out Saddam Hussain was "a good deal".

Film Guy Matthew and his reading and gambling habits. Sam's appearance on Marc Maron's Sitcom. Why Sam does not like how Maron talks about politics. Matthew talks about documentary film making and suggests the early 1960s documentary called Portrait of Jason.

We talk with a caller who works in the food business and who loves FDA  regulation. Debating Bernie Sanders and how to run a grassroots campaign. How did Sam get into the film industry. Clean Coal is a lie. Can you compare the EPA to BP?

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