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On today's Casual Friday, weekly guest and political maven Cliff Schecter, joined Sam to review this past weeks RNC. Both Cliff and Sam were angry at what the Republicans let Clint Eastwood do to himself.Although they both agreed that Eastwood best represented the wounded psyche of the Republican Party. Cliff thought the overall message of the convention was disjointed and contradictory and both him and Sam thought that Romney did a decent job.

Andy Kindler gave Eastwood some comedy coaching, described what it was like covering the convention for the Dave Letterman Show, told a great Herman Cain story and morphed into a full Obamabot, which was incredibly funny and we will have to wait until next time for Andy's movie recommendations.

Sam shared heartwarming quotes from the world's wealthiest woman (who inherited all of her money) telling working people to work even harder, played a sweet new song from Jimmy Reefercake and took your calls and IMS.

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