The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Sam and Political strategist Cliff Schecter examine whether the mainstream media is finally waking up to the fact that the Republican Party is made up of far right extremists, the nature of the conservative media system why Republican Party has lost control and why the mainstream media needs to step up in calling out lies. Also are Right Wing media outlets just like Nigeria email scams? The Right's new assault on Planned Parenthood and Erick Erickson demands that the Republicans shutdown he government again. Also why Donald Trump is crushing the Republican Primary field.

Former Air America host and the Director of the new film project  Playing Gay explains to Sam how television helped open the door to marriage equality and the broader fight for LGBT rights. The former stigma of playing Gay roles and the importance of Will & Grace. The disgusting ways Gay people used to be portrayed in film and television and when do you remember your first image of a Gay person on television?

Donald Trump still dominating the Republican field because he is the perfect Republican. Rick Perry challenges Donald Trump to a Pull-Up contest. Chris Matthews goes after Bernie Sanders. Also your calls and IMs.

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