The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter, explained why Harry Reid won the latest filibuster showdown, Why Republicans don't want to vote on their own policies, why Democrats can push for more filibuster reform, Lynne Cheney's candidacy in the Wyoming Senate race opens big fault lines in the modern Republican Party, what will happen to the Food Stamp program, Detroit goes bankrupt because of neo-liberalism, why we bailout criminal banks and not vital cities, the hilarious implosion of a Christian Right consulting firm and the importance of health care reform.

Isabel Gillies joined Sam from vacation in Maine, shared the exciting news that she had just finished editing her third book, Sam shared some of his book writing memories and she recommended the documentary, Which Way Is The Frontline From Here? 

A new Jimmy Reefercake song.

On The Better Half: the destruction of Unions, more on Detroit and  your calls and IMs.

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