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Political strategist Cliff Schecter explains humanitarian crisis on the border, the right's call for arming the border, dehumanizing children fleeing gang violence in Central America, children and the cruelty of the American right, changing attitudes towards drugs and progressive cultural change, what industries are lobbying against drug legalization? The Republicans absurd lawsuit targeting Obamacare, are the Republicans are moving toward impeachment? Most people are loving Obamacare (including lots of Republicans) and did the Koch Brothers ads help Obamacare?

Andy Kindler complains about the Majority Report Internet connection, breaks down the Emmy nominations, the comedy nominations, debating Veep, Andy shares his thoughts on Louie, Andy rips into Bill Maher, why Anthony Cumia is obviously a racist and why Opie & Anthony fans are the worst.

Reviewing Matt's debate with a "Mens Rights Activist", new Jimmy Reefercake song, Fox & Friends made to look like fools by its own audience and your IMs.

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