The Majority Report with Sam Seder

National security blogger and analyst, Marcy Wheeler, explains what's good about the USA Freedom Act and what's wrong with it. Why the USA Freedom ACT, could end up creating new civil liberties problems for Americans. The Second Circuit Court decision that limits the NSA's domestic spying. The relationship between the FISA Court and the Justice system as a whole. The enduring danger of NSA abuse and overreach. Why metadata is used far beyond counter-terrorism. What triggers a database search of our metadata. Why the dragnet program has produced very little for national security. Also how the spying on the Civil Rights movement mirrors monitoring of Muslims.

On The Fun Half: If people voted by what issues they support, Bernie Sanders would be our next President. Is Glenn Beck in trouble? Also, why Glenn Beck says all of his predictions have come true. Alex Jones says Caitlyn Jenner is distracting us from an upcoming Obama civil war. Debating a another crazy caller. Also your calls and IMs.

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