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University of Rhode Island History Professor and author of The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe, Erik Loomis explains the death toll of the fashion industry and the reality of corporate outsourcing. How sweatshops went global because of reform in the United States. The Bangladesh factory collapse of 2013 and debunking economic myths that justify corporate human rights abuses. Historical and Geographic distance from corporate abuse of labor and the environment. Why Libertarian politics will never safeguard the public good. The market as fundamentalist religion. How American companies still produce banned chemicals for shipment to oversees markets. Also what TPP will do to labor conditions around the world.

On The Fun Half: Fox News covers the Charleston race terror attack in the most grotesque way possible. Is Roger Ailes in trouble? Establishment Republicans run scared of Donald Trump. Did Donald Trump pay actors to appear at his Presidential campaign launch? We have a special guest call in. The persistent dangers of Right Wing terrorism. When will Right Wing leaders condemn Right Wing terrorism? Random Rush and also your calls and IMs.

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