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New York University Professor and author of the recent book, Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune, Kristin Ross,  explains the political and historical importance of the Paris Commune. The fierce anti state and worker empowered politics that fueled the Paris commune. The different meanings of the word commune. How did the Paris Commune govern? The Commune as a political experiment. The problem with the politics of second guessing movements. Also what is the politics of communal luxury?

On The Fun Half: Ted Cruz whines to his supporters about how hard campaigning is and how much he needs your money. Why belief in mass voter fraud is a emotional issues. Donald Trump's Presidential announcement is everything you would want it to be. Trump promises to "Build a Great Wall" on our southern border and promises Mexico will pay for it. The Socialist critique of a basic income. Fox & Friends claim Jeb Bush is "authentic" like the rest of his family. A Fox contributor says he wishes "he could go black". The DNC perfectly trolls Donald Trump and the Republicans. Also your IMs and calls.

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