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Political strategist and weekly guest Cliff Schecter explains Majority Report Matt Binder's massive twitter win, Mississippi Democratic Candidate Travis Childers strikes a populist tone on economics, Chris McDaniels and the GOP move toward the far right, how Republicans disown their policies, why Thad Cochran is in trouble, Chris McDaniels many scandals, McDaniels previous work as a right wing shock jock talking about learning Spanish, does a McDaniels nomination mean Democrats have a chance in Mississippi? The NRA flip flops on Open Carry Texas, the full insanity of the gun movement and separating fact from fiction with Bowe Bergdahl.

Andy Kindler explains why he does not have a movie suggestion, the Andy Kindler and Walter Block voice test, why he loves Stephen Colbert's move to replace Dave Letterman, Andy's Jimmy Fallon impression, Andy also not impressed by Craig Ferguson,  the Marc Maron debate, who Andy likes on MSNBC and who he does not, who he does not and Kindler's backhanded Louie compliments and recommends the documentary Religulous.  

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