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Dave Zirin author of the new book Brazil’s Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy explains why Brazilians are protesting against the World Cup, the unique style of Brazilian style, the growth of the moment against FIFA and the world cup in Brazil, FIFA as "invisible dictators", celebration capitalism and shock capitalism, how the World Cup is destroying the relationship between Brazilians and Soccer, the anti working class and anti civil liberties measures pushed through ahead of the World Cup, how protests against the World Cup have become more radical, wildcat strikes and direct action, the power of Pele speaking out against the World Cup and the standing in solidarity with Brazilians as they protest neo-liberalism during the cup.

Chiquita Banana opposes the 9/11 first responders bill because they fund terrorism in Columbia.

On The Fun Half: Big Earls restaurant in Texas says they don't want "fags" in their establishment, is Elizabeth Warren opening the door to run for President, how Bowe Bergdahl was released, why the right is trying to turn Bergdahl into the next Benghazi, Brian Kilmeade says Bergdahl's father looks like a member of the Taliban, Arizona Republican pretends to be Hispanic in run for Congress  and your calls and IMs.

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