The Majority Report with Sam Seder

The insurance industry warns against the climate crisis. The fight against Fast Track Trade authority in the Senate and the House. Bernie Sanders forces a delay on the Fast Track bill. Sander Levin's alternative bill in the House on Fast Track authority. Why the far right is ignoring Fast Track and TPP. Hillary Clinton's fudge on trade and the importance of progressive pressure. Rand Paul claims its sexist to critique his treatment of women reporter. People who hate Obamacare most already have government healthcare. Senator Ron Johnson explains what Republicans are most afraid of happening in the King V Burwell case.

On The Fun Half: US drone strike kills both an American Italian hostage of AQ. Give Keith Ablow, claims that young people want to join ISIS because President Obama "debranded" America. Michele Bachmann warns that we are in the end times. Pittsburgh high school students organize vicious anti Gay bullying rings. What's annoying about Bill Maher. Judith Miller and the lies that led us to invade Iraq. Also your IMs.

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