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Happy Monday! Sam and Emma speak with Matt Duss, executive vice president at the Center for International Policy, to discuss the recent events from the weekend in Israel, Palestine, & foreign policy. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Macron’s call for snap elections in France, Israel’s mass slaughter of Palestinians in the freeing of four hostages, UC’s academic worker strike, Biden’s newest Executive Order on immigration, Trump-Biden polling, social media, and Bob Menendez legal troubles, before diving into Marjorie Taylor Greene’s parallel between two people definitely criminally convicted by federal governments, Donald Trump and Jesus Christ. Matt Duss then joins, diving right into Biden’s recent decision to overshadow Trump’s conviction with an announcement of supposed ongoing ceasefire negotiations of Israel’s design, and how these talks inevitably fell into the same pattern of Netanyahu taking drastic action to prove bad faith to push Palestinian actors to kill the deal, unpacking why Biden is so scared of actually holding Israel to account, and touching on the major impact the continuation of this conflict is having on the already-precarious standing of US legitimacy in the Middle East. Returning to the ceasefire document, Duss walks through the important step toward peace this proposal represents, with contents that would actually require Biden (and others) to confront the Israeli government’s illegal occupation and the future of Palestinian statehood, before shifting to a brief conversation on domestic politics in Israel, from public opinion on the war to the power of Netanyahu’s far-right coalition, and touch on the recent Nuseirat Massacre and its further undermining of the humanitarian effort in Gaza. After reflecting on the Biden Administration’s failures with the Iran Nuclear Deal, Matt, Sam, and Emma wrap up with a brief assessment of the rising threat of fascism in Europe, and the slight containment of fascism in India.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma dive into the (minimal) coverage of Israel’s internment camp and the horrors faced by Palestinian detainees, Sean from Spain explores various organizing efforts, and Kenny from Berkeley expands on the UC school system’s attempt to use California’s conservative courts to break the backs of its academic workers. Seb Gorka and guest discuss how very relatable they (and Donald Trump) are to the working class and Don from New Jersey on escalating dissent against US support for genocide in Gaza. Donald Trump goes teleprompter-free and hits his audience with some raw truths, like “I don’t pay contractors,” Steve Bannon discusses the political lawfare being exercised against him, and Kristi Noem gets protective against Dana Bash, plus, your calls and IMs!

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