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It's an EmMajority Report Thursday! Today she speaks with Dr. Eviane Leidig, postdoctoral fellow at the Tilburg University, to discuss her recent book The Women of the Far Right: Social Media Influencers and Online Radicalization. Then, she speaks with Kate Wagner, architecture critic at The Nation, to discuss her recent piece entitled "Luxury Brands Are Buying Our Cities." 

First, Emma runs through updates on Israel’s seizure and closing of the Egypt-Gaza border, continuing backlash to Biden’s support for Israel, Trump’s legal woes and cabinet promises, NATO-Russia tensions, Alito’s corruption, Boeing safety problems, Hong Kong’s crackdown on pro-Democracy activists, elections in South Africa and Mexico, and India’s major heatwave, before diving deeper into the recent resignations from the Biden Administration, and touching on Trump rallying the cronies as his Hush Money trial reaches the jury deliberation phase. Dr. Eviane Leidig then joins, parsing through what makes the Alt-Right distinct from the generically xenophobic and white supremacist Republican Party, how they used the rise of Internet forums and social media to recruit the chronically online alienated youth, and the major roles played by Gamergate and January 6th in their rise and fall, respectively. Next, Dr. Leidig looks to the ecosystem of the women of the Alt-Right, and how their strategic presentation allows their fascist propaganda to largely float under the radar, tackling the common career trajectory that found many women commentators on the Alt-Right shifting to lifestyle-influencing in the wake of the January 6th collapse of the Alt-Right and the rise of COVID, presenting trad-wife-eque content for their largely-male audience and working alongside the Christian and Manosphere influencers under the banner of anti-feminism. After expanding on the central role anti-feminism plays in the Alt-Right’s current trajectory, Dr. Leidig wraps up by touching on the particulars of the Alt-Right’s recruitment of young women and the major role interpersonal intervention plays in escaping the pipeline. Kate Wagner then walks Emma through this ongoing problem of the corporate “Disney-fication” of our cities, with an increasing trend of corporations buying up entire neighborhoods for glorified (and extremely exclusive) publicity stunts. Tackling the examples of Bilbao’s Guggenheim and the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Wager explores how these monstrosities exploit loopholes to essentially get the public to pay for the enclosure of their commons, before she and Emma wrap up with the central role that Private Equity and commercial real estate have played in promoting this process.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Brandon Sutton and Matt Binder as they talk with Keister from Florida about the value of progressive infighting, watch Dave Rubin promote Hungary’s wildly homophobic regime, and listen to Rep. Moskowitz explain why justice for war crimes is a fantasy. They also cover the continuing arrests by Israeli police over social media engagement, Fiora from Minnesota on the importance of independent coverage of Palestine, and discuss electoral strategy come November, plus, your calls and IMs!

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