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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. But first, they speak with Mark Joseph Stern, senior writer at Slate, to discuss some of the recent developments at the Supreme Court. First, they run through updates on Biden’s criticism of the ICC’s Israeli arrest warrants (as well as the important ICC support coming out of Europe), the aid that still hasn’t gotten to Gaza, Israel’s regime of repression, today’s US primaries, California’s special election, Nevada’s abortion referendum, Truth Social, and the FBI’s Eric Adams investigation, before parsing through the initial reporting on the ICC’s arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas officials. Mark Joseph Stern then joins, diving right into the impending milestone of the Biden Administration’s 200th successful federal judicial nomination, and the importance of moving away from the corporate judges of the Obama Administration, towards candidates that will have greater longevity in the system. Next, Mark, Sam, and Emma shift to the ongoing legal attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as the US Right followed the initial Supreme Court undercutting of it in 2020 with an audacious plan to make the entire Bureau (and many other major federal agencies) unconstitutional due to their funding coming from the Federal Reserve, walking through why the Right can funnel even the most absurd legal cases through the court of appeals due to the insane biases of the 5th Circuit and single-judge divisions killing random assignment, even if (as in this case) it has no chance at the Supreme Court. Expanding on this, Stern parses through how the 5th Circuit serves as an “audition” spot for future conservative Supreme Court justices, before looking to Louisiana’s conservative judges’ active attempt to undercut the restructuring of Louisiana’s congressional districts, and why the Supreme Court is holding firm on not allowing major changes (like this reversion) in the months before an election. Wrapping up, Mark, Sam, and Emma tackle the continuing revelations around the Court’s major corruption – from judicial support of January 6th to shady financial ties – and what Congress can do to push back

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss the few Israelis standing up to the IDF and Israeli thugs attacking aid due for Gaza, Byron Donalds calls for drug testing Biden, and Holland from Phoenix dives into border fear-mongering. Tim from Connecticut asks about Israel’s plan for Gaza, Elise Stefanik calls out Fox for using propaganda that came straight from her own mouth, and Rudy Giuliani starts slinging mud. Brittany from Montreal helps round out the show with an incredible (and incredibly disturbing) discovery from the depths of Seinfeld’s career, plus, your calls and IMs!

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