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It's Casual Friday! Sam speaks with Heather Digby Parton, contributing writer at and proprietor of the blog Hullabaloo, to round up the week in news. Then, he's joined by Matthew Film Guy! First, Sam runs through updates on South Africa’s emergency ICJ injunction to stop Israel’s assault on Rafah, aid to Israel and Gaza, Trump’s legal woes, North Carolina’s bipartisan mask ban, Gov Abbott’s pardoning the murderer of a BLM protester, DOJ’s plan for weed, DeSantis’ institutionalized climate denial, and continuing student activism on college campuses (this from Bard), before watching MTG get repeatedly put in her place on the House floor. Digby then joins, as she and Sam dive into the GOP’s heartwarming display of unity (down to the suit), as they leave their responsibilities behind to show up in support of the ever-marginalized Donald Trump, before unpacking the (un)likelihood of any real criminal accountability for Trump in this (or any) legal case. Next, they look to Biden’s ongoing “popularity” struggles, parsing through his upcoming appearance at Morehouse’s commencement, and unpacking why he refuses to more actively target the overwhelmingly unproductive and unpopular House GOP, wrapping up with an assessment of his campaign as his poll numbers continue to dwindle. Matthew Film Guy then joins, as he beefs with Sam over aesthetics, soft launches his upcoming project (and continuing film class), and recommends Terence Davies’ “The Long Day Closes.”

And in the Fun Half: Sam parses through Jimmy Carter’s unflinching criticism of Israel’s apartheid state, Lauren Boebert calls for more “cognitive dissonance” tests on Joe Biden, and Paul Bet David and Tim Pool beef over – get this – interview travel plans, plus, your IMs!

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