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It's Hump Day! Sam and Emma speak with David Bacon, journalist and photographer focusing on labor issues, to discuss his recent piece in the Nation entitled "Big Ag’s Latest Blow to Workers' Rights." Then, they speak with 2 members of the Princeton University Gaza Solidarity Encampment, who are currently on a hunger strike in opposition to Israel's offensive in Gaza. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on US arms shipments to Israel, Biden’s Leahy Law report, the House GOP’s threat to the ICC, Trump’s legal woes, the global wave of pro-Palestinian student activism, climate change, Utah’s anti-trans tip line, and Robert Kennedy Jr’s brain worms, before parsing through Fox News’ odd yet unsurprising take on Stormy Daniel’s testimony. David Bacon then joins, diving right into California’s AB-2183, an agricultural labor law bolstering workers’ right to unionize with an effective card check system, contextualizing it within the ongoing labor renaissance in the US alongside a renewed NLRB, and the important role laws like this (and similar ones as seen in New York) play in restoring the balance in labor relations. Bacon then walks Sam and Emma through the ongoing legal battle against the constitutionality of AB-2183, first exploring the disputed United Farm Workers Union election that pushed the Wonderful Company’s case, before looking into the simultaneous dubious nature of the case and unfortunate likelihood that an eventual Supreme Court decision could still result in the overturning of the law (or worse). Wrapping up, David tackles the immense resources behind the Wonderful Company’s campaign, and California’s major role in shaping national labor relations. Next, David and Rosangela join from Princeton’s Gaza Solidarity Encampment, as they parse through the intense and severe administrative backlash to campus anti-war and pro-divestment activism that pushed them and other activists to a hunger strike, before taking Sam and Emma through the list of demands the activists are presenting the school, including financial transparency, relations to Israeli and Palestinian institutions, and dropping legal charges against student activists. After expanding on the school administration’s consistent bad-faith treatment of the student activists, David and Rosangela walk through the incredible support both the encampment and hunger strike have gotten from the local and University communities, and how organizers have managed to keep the message on track as administrators continue to misrepresent their effort.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch a very Harvard protest, unpack Biden’s recent claim that Hamas is acting on an “ancient desire” to kill Jews, and talk with Mitch Folay in NC about the recent expansion of Jewish Voice for Peace to Charlotte and the administrative backlash to anti-war protests at UNC. Piers Morgan remembers how to do journalism, Obi from Ashville explores using fiscal policy to expand access to housing, and Chris from New York asks about pulling a friend out of the Q Anon rabbit hole. Tim Pool continues to struggle with both genocide-grifting and self-confidence, and Steve Bannon grapples with Trump reaffirming his support for Mike Johnson, plus, your calls and IM!

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