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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Israel’s advance on Rafah in the wake of Hamas accepting a ceasefire deal proposed by the US, the testimony of Stormy Daniels, Social Security, Boeing, Biden’s support for Israel, Trump’s legal woes, inter-state abortion immigration, the RNC, and MTG, before watching Brian Kilmeade attempt to spin Trump’s ongoing trials into victories for Trump’s enterprise. Next, they parse through the recent story around Hamas accepting a ceasefire-for-hostages deal, only for Israel to immediately turn around and kill the agreement as they moved forward with their invasion of Rafah, closing down Rafah crossing, demanding evacuation (from the last haven in Palestine), and separating families, in a desperate push to complete this ethnic cleansing. Sam and Emma look at the recent “warning” letter sent to the International Criminal Court by 12 GOP Senators (from McConnell to Cruz) threatening retaliation and worse if the ICC continues with its plan to issue arrest warrants for Bibi Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant, and tackle Biden’s impending deadline to prove Israel’s compliance with humanitarian law following the Leahy Law as they explore how the US’ unwavering support for this genocide has only further weakened the international “rules-based” order that Biden supposedly sought to restore. After walking through the recent reports on the promising future of Social Security and Medicaid, and the importance of expanded IRS capacity, Sam and Emma wrap up the free half with a deep dive into the recent revelations around Henry Cuellar’s corruption, and what that means for Democratic Party leadership’s support for his reelection.  

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss the controversy around Kristi Noem undertaking a typical matriarchal task (slaughtering the family puppy), Bernadette from New England dives into the classism ingrained in the US Healthcare system, and Osama from North Carolina asks about Egypt’s potential in conflict with Israel. George Santos catches Nick Fuentes with a gotcha that could only stump a homophobic fascist, the right has a new solution for social alienation (a bogus male supplement), and Dan from Texas explores term limits for SCOTUS Justices. Clay from Minnesota discusses the administrative backlash to anti-war activism at Carleton College, plus, your calls and IMs!

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