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It's Casual Friday! And the MR Crew is doing an all CALLS & CLIPS SHOW! Then, they're joined by Jason Myles, co-host of the This Is Revolution podcast! First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the US’ faux-ceasefire resolution, the UK’s threat of an arms embargo to Israel, UNRWA funding, humanitarian assistance to Gaza, Netanyahu’s potential visit to Congress, aid to Ukraine, the GOP agenda, the DOJ’s agenda, and Bob Menendez’s why I left the left (foreign bribes), also watching Phyllis Bennis unpack exactly why the US’ faux ceasefire resolution was so pernicious. They also dive into the US media’s coverage of famine in Gaza, the balance between Democratic incompetence and Democratic malfeasance on Israel, and watch Chip Roy and Marjorie Taylor Greene initiate the most recent House GOP mutiny. After running through some highlights of the Right’s response to Trump’s massive debt to New York, Jason Myles joins, diving right into his recent article “Same as it Ever Was: The Illusion of American Political Discourse In Media,” on the faux-evolution of US political discourse alongside immaterial policy changes. Jason tackles the progression of US immigration policy from the progressive facade of the Obama Administration, through the backlash to Trump’s objectionable and visibly brutal border policy, up to Biden’s recent pivot to completely embrace the GOP and Trump’s far-right framing of the border crisis, before he, Sam, and Emma parse through parallels with the rhetoric around crime and the Defund movement.

Sam and Emma then expand on the ongoing GOP mutiny against Speaker Mike Johnson, parse through the dramatic break between Candace Owens and the Daily Wire, and bask in the complete unraveling of the GOP’s Biden inquiry, with some help from Russian collusion.

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