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It's Hump Day! Sam and Emma speak with Mark Joseph Stern, senior writer at Slate, to discuss the recent developments at the Supreme Court after new oral argument were read earlier this week. Then, they speak with Rebecca Burns, author and journalist based in Georgia, to discuss her recent piece in The American Prospect entitled "Against The Wind." First, they run through updates on yesterday’s primaries, Trump’s strong polling out of Georgia and North Carolina, Blinken’s most recent visit to the Middle East, Biden’s Israel policy, Congress’ budget, housing, and crime, before diving deep into Jared Kushner’s recent comments on the “valuable” “waterfront property” of Gaza that he recommends Israel capitalize on. Mark Joseph Stern then joins, diving right into the recent insane judicial debacle that has been the handling of Texas’ SB-4 – essentially declaring full control over immigration services – by the notoriously right-wing Fifth Circuit and the Supreme Court of the US, walking through the Fifth Circuit’s administrative stay on the decision in an attempt to prohibit SCOTUS from overturning it, and SCOTUS’ eventual decision to legally uphold the lower courts’ stay while also denouncing the further use of it, resulting in the Fifth Circuit reversing itself, with no real culmination to the issue. Next, they look at Murthy v. Missouri, an attempt by Missouri’s and Louisiana’s Attorneys General to abuse Missouri’s single-judge division by submitting a suit with major federal implications on the Government’s ability to converse with social media companies, before wrapping up with SCOTUS’ blanket disapproval of the case, and what it will mean for the future of single judge divisions. Rebecca Burns then walks Sam and Emma through the emergence of the anti-wind movement as a product of the climate-denial movement’s shift towards tactics of delay, successfully capitalizing on misinformation and the NIMBY movement to mobilize even progressive communities against wind-based renewable energy projects. Wrapping up, Burns parses through the evolution of this movement, coming to fruition in opposition to Biden’s climate agenda, the major misinformation that it has capitalized on, and how it has successfully worked to delay his major policy victories.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma walk through the major results from yesterday’s elections, including the Florida Democratic Party losing multiple mayorships in Democratic strongholds and the setup for Ohio’s senate race, before parsing through GOP candidate Bernardo Moreno’s recent statements dancing around his anti-reproductive rights platform, and what could be in store for the Senate if the GOP wins a majority in November. Donald Trump’s major financial penalties cause right-wing nutsos to panic, Lynn from California dives into the story of Nex Benedict and the state of trans wellbeing in the US, Randy from Virginia grapples with alienation and electoral politics, and Kowalski from Nebraska gives updates on agriculture and more. They also parse through the insane story of a GOP state senator’s sexual harassment on the floor of Nebraska’s unicameral legislature, plus, your calls and IMs!

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