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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam breaks down the biggest headlines of the day. But first, Sam speaks with Brian Concannon, human rights lawyer and executive director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), to discuss the ongoing political instability in Haiti. First, Sam runs through updates on Biden’s response to Trump’s calls for cuts to entitlements, Netanyahu-Biden relations, dissent for the US’s support for Israeli, aid to Gaza, the US economy, the 2024 election, Biden’s age, the RNC, the NLRB v. Trader Joe’s, and Indian fascism, before diving into the testimony from Special Counsel Robert Hur on Biden’s age. Brian Concannon then joins, diving right into Haiti’s history as one of the few successful anti-colonial revolutions and why the West has never forgiven them for that, exploring the reparations Haiti was forced to pay to France for their slaves, and the ongoing neocolonial domination from the US. Expanding on this latter point, Concannon walks through the evolution of Haitian politics in the wake of Jovenel Moïse’s attempt to cling to power with US backing despite finishing his term as President, and the eventual successful attempt by the US to install Western-backed candidate Ariel Henry in the wake of Moïse’s assassination, tackling what mechanisms US and the west use to prop up Henry’s Presidency, including diplomatic and financial support from key international institutions, and how the US has shot down any attempt from the Haitian population to present alternative or even semi-democratic visions. After briefly touching on the US’ long neocolonial objections to a democratic or progressive Haitian government, and the growing pressure for anti-colonial reparations, Sam and Brian parse through the US’ ongoing attempt to install a foreign military presence in Haiti to back Henry’s regime, touching on the myriad objections they’ve received from propositioned militaries, and why the US is positioning it as an ultimatum if Haiti wants to step towards new, democratic elections. Sam also walks through the Biden administration’s response to Donald Trump’s threat to cut Medicare and social security, Ben Shapiro proving, once again, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and ongoing attempts to get Biden to condition military aid to Israel, before wrapping up with a brief assessment of the Netanyahu regime amid growing backlash to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

And in the Fun Half: Sam discusses his recent appearance with Hasan Piker, parses through the mystery of Biden’s State of the Union doping scandal with some experienced help from Jesse Watters, and Charlie Kirk ponders the threat of RFK to Donald Trump. Fox works on deepening the DEI conspiracy around Boeing, and Tim Pool once again falls into the trap of “defining his opinions,” plus, your calls and IMs!

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