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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma speak with Jeet Heer, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, to round up the week in news.  First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the US public’s opposition to Israel’s genocide in Gaza, Medicare drug price negotiations, the Child Tax Credit, a US immigration deal, GOP fundraising, Eric Adams’ fundraisers, and the NTA strike, before diving into the absurd coverage of Cori Bush’s ongoing ethics investigation. Jeet Heer then joins, diving right into the complete failure of the US’ supposed attempt to prevent Israel’s genocide in Gaza from becoming a regional conflict, first discussing Jake Sullivan’s pre-October 7th claims touting the Biden Administration’s peace in the region, before touching on Biden’s supposed “behind the scenes” talks with Israel, and the role they play in keeping his Democratic colleagues at bay. Next, they look at Biden’s ongoing attempt to normalize Israel-Saudi Arabia relations, despite that being a primary factor in Hamas’ 10/7 attacks, whether his refusal to return to the Iran Nuclear Deal plays into his belief in Trump’s Abraham Accords, and how the hell this conflict can be seen as any sort of a win for his reelection campaign. Wrapping up, Heer dives into his premonitory coverage of the right-wing’s obsession with Taylor Swift.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch House GOP’s members explain why they’re voting for the Mayorkas impeachment, a Texas convoy member explains how Jews are paying Hezbollah to invade the US even though they’re going to attack Synagogues, and Matt from Alberta discusses the chaos of Alberta’s politics under the conservative premiership of Danielle Smith. Eddie from Fort Worth dives into the story of Stetson Kennedy, Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro explain why becoming uber-wealthy is pious, actually, and Marjorie Taylor Greene tries to censure Ilhan Omar because of – get this – racism, plus, your calls and IMs!

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