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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. We'll also be joined by Mark Joseph Stern (@mjs_dc). First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Donald Trump’s ballot appeal, Blinken’s visit to Israel, the mass arrest at Pro-Palestine protests in NYC, GOP infighting and a looming government shutdown, global warming, Nikki Haley’s rise, the battle over Mayorkas, and Twitter’s journalist purge, before diving into Biden supporters’ problematic response to a Pro-Palestine protest. Mark Joseph Stern then joins, diving right into the focus on the 14th Amendment’s Section III in Donald Trump’s ongoing ballot-access case, with both Colorado and Maine citing it for their exclusion of him from both primary and general election ballots, parsing through the details of the clause, and the dependence of a congressional vote to reallow any insurrectionists to run for office. Expanding on this, Stern parses through the various legal (and more likely, political) avenues Trump’s legal team could take, and where the various conservative – yet supposedly originalist – Supreme Court justices might land. Next, they look into the ongoing Supreme Court case around Idaho’s near-total abortion ban, including SCOTUS overturning a stay on the ban, and how the ban weaponizes punitive measures against both doctors and patients. Sam and Emma also cover Mike Johnson’s total ripoff of Kevin McCarthy’s speakership, a new ruling on the gig economy, and Twitter’s most recent round of anti-journalist suspensions.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma tackle the importance of voting this year – with a shout to Olayemi Olurin’s recent video – Missouri’s Secretary of State attempts to turn whataboutism into a legal argument to ban Biden from the ballot, and the crew tackles Israeli politician Ofer Cassif joining South Africa’s case charging Israel with crimes of genocide. Alex Jones, Jimmy Dore, and Eric Adams give their low-level supervillain takes on immigration, and Donald Trump goes on Lindell TV to take down the idea of climate change. Miguel from Arkansas discusses the role of Kamala Harris moving forward, Mel from Texas gives some updates on the evolution of college admissions amidst attacks on higher education, and Jon Does from Tampa and Michigan tackles military service and Biden’s electoral problems, respectively. The Tim Pool compound goes Neverland Ranch, plus, your calls and IMs!

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