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It's an EmMajority Report Thursday! Emma speaks with writer and historian Rebecca Jane Morgan to discuss their recent book Gender Heretics: Evangelicals, Feminists, and the Alliance against Trans Liberation. Then, she speaks with Jonah Walters, postdoctoral scholar at UCLA's Institute for Society and Genetics, to discuss a book compilation he co-edited entitled Only The Good Die Young: The Verdict Against Henry Kissinger, published via Jacobin and Verso Books. First, Emma runs through updates on Jake Sullivan’s visit to various authoritarian utopias, Israel’s indiscriminate bombing, growing backlash to Israel, Biden’s bleak polling, the House impeachment inquiry, January 6th, and Floridian education action, before touching on Israel’s abuse of the Two-State solution. Rebecca Jane Morgan then joins, first taking on the definition of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism, before stepping back to walk through the longer history of Evangelical Christianity to trans identity, including a long period of a mixed yet positive recognition of the community – particularly with the parallels of “rebirth” – over the 20th Century. Moving into the 2000s, Morgan tackles the role of the Gender Recognition Act in the UK in igniting Evangelical backlash – largely because of its policies around same-sex marriage – whereas the US’ legislative body took until the 2010s for the bathroom debate came to the fore. Rebecca concludes the conversation by walking through the particular alignment of Terfs and Evangelicals over their somatophobia towards trans people, and what that means for the fight for trans rights moving forward. Jonah Walters and Emma then explore the life and legacy of Henry Kissinger as they walk through his prevalent (and bipartisan) role in US politics, and his ideological grounding in pure American hegemony, before stepping back to assess the importance of his rise to power during the Cold War, bolstering the growth of America’s capital order internationally while continuously and intentionally undermining any liberatory and anti-capitalist movements in the third world. Wrapping up, Walters parses through the obscene death count that follows Kissinger to his grave.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Brandon Sutton and Matt Binder as they talk with Eddie from Ft. Worth about culturally undermining the KKK, explore the absolute vitriol that zionists have been leveling against their students, and discuss the return of severe islamophobia in the form of fear-of-arabic-words. Tommy the Music Guy tackles some music recommendations and explores tensions between the US and Mexico, and Josh Hawley presses a judicial nomination on the ethics of being brown, plus, your calls and IMs!

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