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It's a JAM PACKED EmMajority Report Thursday! She speaks with Mark Beissinger, politics professor at Princeton University, to discuss his recent book The Revolutionary City: Urbanization and the Global Transformation of Rebellion. Then, she speaks with reporter Emily Tamkin to discuss her recent piece in in The New Republic entitled "Why the GOP Fell in Love with Hungary." And then, Jamie Peck is back to talk about the Block Cop City efforts! First, Emma runs through updates on last night’s GOP Debate, the simultaneous Trump anti-Union event, McCarthy bringing an end to any hope for avoiding a government shutdown, labor action with the UAW, SAG-AFTRA, and Vegas hospitality workers, the Senate dress code, Bob Menendez’s not-guilty plea, and Gavin Newsome’s reproductive care training policy. Professor Mark Bessinger then dives right into his project on the urbanization of revolution, first walking through his definition of revolution, and why the evolution of revolution saw most of its early progress outside of urban centers in the 18th and 19th Centuries, before the massive urbanization of the 20th Century shifted the power of numbers in cities from the state to the people. Professor Bessinger then parses through the moments before and around the end of the Cold War that saw an influx of urban revolutionary tactics that emphasized the use of open space and capitalized on developments in communication and media to spur the rapid mobilization of a broad negative coalition. After briefly touching on the vast difference between “coups,” “protests,” and “revolutions,” Bessinger and Emma wrap up by assessing the future of revolution. Emily Tamkin joins, first discussing who Viktor Orbán is, and why his great replacement theory with added antisemitism so unsurprisingly speaks to the GOP, before walking through how this allowed him to put his Hungarian regime on the map for right-wing dictators, despite its relatively small political role. Tamkin and Emma expand on the parallels and differences between the ideologies of the GOP and Orbán, exploring why they prefer to present themselves as perfectly aligned, before they wrap up with an assessment of the strong connection between natalism, the far-right, and repressive societies. Finally, Jamie Peck tackles the abomination that is Cop City, its myriad issues from social, political, and environmental lenses, and the overwhelming rejection of the project by Atlantans. Next, Jamie and Emma take on the absurdity of Atlanta’s RICO charges against Cop City protestors, before looking forward to the next month and a half of Block Cop City organizing, and the strategies behind planned action this Veteran’s Day.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Brandon Sutton and Matt Binder as they watch AOC eviscerate a Conservative NY Democrat, the right-wing continues to embarrass itself over the Hunter Biden investigation, and the MR Team reflects on the GOP debates. The Petersons announce their version of the same right-wing pseudo-university grift we’ve seen countless times, and Cardi B reflects on the legacy of FDR, plus, your calls and IMs!

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