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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma speak with Matt Duss, executive vice president at the Center for International Policy, to round up the biggest stories in foreign policy this week. Then, they're joined by comedian Judy Gold, host of the Kill Me Now podcast! First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Bob Menendez renewing his Jersey bona fides with a brand new corruption case, the House GOP’s ongoing sh*tshow, another Clarence Thomas corruption allegation, labor action, Medicaid and medical debt, and stats on climate change, before watching Shawn Fain lay out the newest strike plan for the UAW. Matt Duss, Sam, and Emma then parse through Bob Menendez’s comedically criminal corruption indictment and the future of his seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Next, they look to Ukraine as they assess Poland’s rollback of arms support for defense against Russia, the state of Ukraine’s incredibly slow offensive to regain territory, and Biden’s evolving criticism of the operation, before parsing through the absolute failure of Putin to hit his primary (crushing Ukrainian nationalism) and secondary (send a warning to NATO) targets for the war, and where the end of this conflict lies. Wrapping up, Duss explores US policy towards India, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and the absurd freedom we allow *certain* allies on the international stage. Judy Gold then reflects on her summer and the ongoing success of her book-turned-show “Yes, I Can Say That,” before she walks Sam and Emma through the absurdity of the recent Hasan Minhaj drama, Lauren Boebert’s continuing role in Congress, and her anger towards Trump and Tommy Tubofshit.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma cover Bob Menendez sticking it to the establishment by… taking hundreds of thousands in cash and bars of gold. They also watch John Fetterman speak on accessibility, see the horrifying impact of theocratic fascism on our children, and then watch that theocratic fascism in action with Matt Walsh’s commentary on universal voting. Jeremy Boreing flaunts selling Daily Wire data to DeSantis for pocket change, plus your calls and IMs!

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