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Happy Monday! The whole MR Crew is back! Sam and Emma speak with James Tabery, professor in Philosophy at the University of Utah, to discuss his recent book Tyranny of the Gene: Personalized Medicine and Its Threat to Public Health. First, Sam runs through updates on a US deal with Iran, the House GOP’s impending government shutdown, Drew Barrymore officially un-resuming her show (making Bill Maher the biggest SAG Scab), and progressive action in the US, before diving into the UAW’s ongoing strike and the unconditional support coming in from the White House. James Tabery then joins, diving right into his personal experience working with and within the Personalized Medicine industry, and seeing how it can (with great expense) help patients, before stepping back to analyze the greater history of precision (personal) and genomic medicine over the last three decades, with the evolution of the Human Genome Project, and the rise of Human Genome Institute figurehead Francis Collins to the director of the National Health Institute. Briefly, he then discusses Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative. Professor Tabery then walks Sam and Emma through the complicated drive behind the personalized medicine movement, with real believers (like Collins) used as lynchpins by the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries that would profit from a hyper-individualized and cure-based philosophy to medicine over a preventative and environmental-based one, before looking at how this has also resulted in a politicization of environmental considerations in medicine, and why – despite existing proof of environmental contributions to countless health issues – the US healthcare system remains far behind researching and addressing these problems. Wrapping up, Professor Tobery parses through the influence of this debate when it comes to research on race-based genomes for issues that could likely result from environmental factors.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch the Auto Industry leadership attempt to undermine UAW after the union essentially kept the industry alive in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis, also expanding on Biden’s support for the UAW and the inverse being expressed by GOP Presidential hopefuls. Rylie from West Philly and Corey on I-80 expand on the union discussion, the MR Crew discusses the unsurprising Russell Brand news (and those that came to his defense), and Teacher James from Iowa discusses the epidemic of anti-LGBTQ outing laws. Ronald Raygun gives his perspective on the positive impact on unions, plus, your calls and IMs!

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