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It's Hump Day! Sam speaks with attorney Matthew Butterick about a lawsuit he's involved with representing artists against OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. Then, he's joined by political reporter Cameron Joseph to discuss the upcoming referendum in Ohio, entitled Issue 1, regarding ballot measures in the state. First, Sam runs through updates on Donald Trump’s various legal woes, WGA-Studio talks, Flint’s new natal care plan, the Fed’s continuing war on labor, SCOTUS record low public approval, and Russian bombing of Ukrainian grain stores, before parsing through the recent, massive indictment of Donald Trump of multiple charges of conspiracy and obstruction. Matthew Butterick then joins, diving right into his work with various acclaimed authors taking on the unauthorized use of their work across various AI engines, which, in fact, entirely rely on pre-existing and often-copyrighted works for their primary inputs, not to mention producing infringing derivative works with its outputs. After diving a little deeper into how this case centers on copyright infringement, and how it applies to other forms of AI (e.g. art and music), they wrap up by tackling the shape of the case as a class-action suit, and what the next steps are in this battle. Cameron Joseph then walks Sam through Ohio’s various upcoming referendums, first looking to the referendum to enshrine abortion rights in the State Constitutions that is scheduled for November, and tackling the long organizing process that took it to get there, before touching on the legislature-expedited response by Gov DeWine’s Secretary of State to launch an earlier referendum (scheduled for August) that makes it vastly more difficult to pass a constitutional referendum. After tackling the state of Ohio politics that led to these respective referenda, and why, the anti-referendum referendum seems poised to fail, they wrap up by looking to the ongoing political debacles in Wisconsin as liberals begin to take power and abuse the tools set up by the previous conservatives in their place.

And in the Fun Half: Sam is joined by Sean Fitzgerald AKA Actual Justice Warrior as they debate all things crime, walking through the impact of the George Floyd protests and the COVID-19 Pandemic on retirement rates, police funding, and overall crime rates. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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