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It's News Day Tuesday! But first, Sam and Emma speak with Murtaza Hussain, reporter at The Intercept, to discuss recent reporting from him and Ryan Grim involving the U.S.'s previously unreported pressure campaign to remove Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan from power. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on a ruling in Montana on the role of climate change in governmental considerations, labor action in Hollywood, as well as with the SEIU, the climbing death toll in Hawaii, DeSantis cucking to even Disney, and Russian attacks in western Ukraine, before diving into the massive indictment of Donald Trump (and 18 allies) coming out of Georgia. Murtaza Hussain then dives right into a summary of the diplomatic cable between the US State Department and the Pakistani ambassador to the US that was recently unearthed, first walking through the background on tensions between the US and Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan over Khan’s “aggressive neutrality” towards the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and unpacking the theorized contents of the cable surrounding the US pressuring Pakistan to move forward with a vote of no confidence against Khan. After parsing through the exact details of the exchange (which was very much what had been theorized), Hussain steps back to walk Sam and Emma through Khan’s relationship to Pakistani politics as a whole, his entrance into the political realm as an objector to US intervention in the region, his turn against the military (and theirs against him), and his overwhelming public support despite a recent three-year sentencing to political imprisonment. Wrapping up, they reflect deeper on what we can learn about the US involvement in throwing their weight behind an anti-democratic movement in Pakistan – one suspected of myriad crimes against journalists, politicians, and citizens – from the recently revealed messages.

And in the Fun Half: Sebastian Gorka goes on Newsmax to absolutely rail against the SUPPOSED crime of conspiracy?! as the MR crew reflects on Donald Trump’s myriad ongoing legal issues, and watch 2014 Ben Shapiro totally school 2023 Ben Shapiro on bootlicking (kind of). RFK continues his strong left-wing campaign against public health, abortion rights, and financial regulation, and a harrowing story of a pre-teen’s forced birth comes out of Mississippi. The team also watches some killer labor action coming out of Detroit, before analyzing a clip of Matt Walsh, theocratic fascist, being a theocratic fascist, plus, your calls and IMs!

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