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Happy Monday! Sam and Emma speak to freelance journalist David Neiwert to discuss his recent book The Age of Insurrection: The Radical Right's Assault on American Democracy. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Israel disempowering their Supreme Court, offensives in Moscow and Odessa, the recent Spanish elections, various labor actions across the country, Bernie’s pursuit of government-developed pharmaceuticals, and environmental warming, also diving into Ron DeSantis’ recent comments on Florida’s new “lost cause” education around the “civilizing” nature slavery. David Neiwert then joins, parsing through his own history studying right-wing authoritarianism in the US, beginning with his childhood in Idaho, strong John Birch Society territory, before starting his work in journalism during the rise of white supremacist militias, the Aryan nation, and hate crimes over the 1970s and ’80s, tackling the internal conflicts of addressing these subjects as a journalist, and why journalism must be rooted in public welfare. Moving forward, Neiwert tracks the evolution of right-wing extremist and white supremacist organizations over the Clinton and Bush administrations, leading up to the mobilizing event of Obama’s (a black person’s) election, before looking to the era of the Trump regime and the leadup to January 6th. After walking through the defining traits of right-wing authoritarian followers – namely submission aggression, and conventionalism – Neiwert, Sam, and Emma dive into the January 6th insurrection, the various narratives around it, and why it was no doubt a neo-fascist insurrection, before wrapping with 1/6’s aftermath, and how the far-right has pivoted to localized, grassroots insurrections.

And in the Fun Half: Mike Pence perfectly demonstrates how abortion exceptions aren’t really exceptions at all, the MR Team basks in the glory of recent labor action with UPS and McDonalds, and Mehdi Hasan goes right after one of the major players behind Trump’s child separation policy. Troy from Indiana discusses anti-woke attention-seeking in country music, Hope from Nevada dives into California’s Proud Boys problem, and a libertarian from Oregon spews some genuine nonsense, plus, your calls and IMs

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