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The MR Crew is back from the long weekend! It's Newsday Tuesday, as Sam and Matt break down the biggest headlines of the day.

It's Newsday Tuesday, as Sam and Matt break down the biggest headlines of the day. First, Sam runs through updates on the big winners from the debt ceiling deal (it’s just the defense contractors), the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Uganda’s severe anti-LGBTQ policy, wage gains post-COVID, homeowner insurance in California, and some new GOP Presidential hopefuls. Then, Sam dives into Ken Paxton’s impending impeachment, with commentary from a Trump underling, and discusses what Trump stepping in to support Paxton, despite the GOP-backing of his expulsion, means moving forwards, before touching on the precedent Clarence Thomas might have set ahead of Paxton’s wife potentially serving on the jury. Next, they dive into the conclusion of the debt ceiling deal-making period, exploring the other options Biden had other than complete capitulation, Kevin McCarthy’s attempts to turn this into a W for him, and what (if anything) can still be done to hinder the deal. They also touch on the future of Biden’s Student Debt relief.

And in the Fun Half: Sam talks with Luke from St. Louis about the right’s obsession with seeming cool, Mark from Massachusetts parses through the GOP’s new presidential primary possibilities, and Alex from Georgia explores the complete meltdown that fundamentalists face when they question literally anything about themselves or their world view. They also watch Ron DeSantis attempt to defend his existence in the Presidential primaries, the right’s call to boycott Target, and the incredible creativity it has inspired. They wrap up with a conversation on AI, and talk with Glen from Atlanta on the evolving Cop City debate in City Council, plus, your calls and IMs!

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