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It's Hump Day! Sam hosts Ian Millhiser, senior correspondent at Vox, to discuss the upcoming cases that will be before the Supreme Court this term. Sam starts off by touching on the recent revelations surrounding Tucker Carlson's text messages disclosed from the Dominion lawsuit, and how he still isn't buying that these are the reasons Fox ultimately let him go. Then, he touches on former Bush Attorney General and "Serious Person" Michael Mukasey's appearance at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, and how Mukasey, if he were a judge, wouldn't potentially ruin a friendship by not going on their private jet. Then Ian joins the program, with Sam and him starting off by discussing the Supreme Court writ large, in an attempt to pinpoint just how long the institution has been fundamentally broken (hit: dating back to the Dred Scott decision, so over 100 years.) They then touch on Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, the newest case the court has taken in their desperate attempts to gut the federal regulatory state. Ian also discusses the recent "judge-shopping" that's been going on, i.e. anti-abortion advocates angling to get their cases on abortion medication like mifepristone into Amarillo Texas judge and right-wing theocrat Matthew Kacsmaryk's courtrooms so he can ideally rule in their favor. They then talk about Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters, a potentially landmark case that could determine when and how workers are allowed to strike. Finally, Ian provides a bit of a primer on cases that will be decided on this term, including cases involving affirmative action, student loan forgiveness, and Moore v. Harper, the case surrounding the validity of "independent state legislature theory" deciding contests in presidential elections.

And in the Fun Half, Sam and the MR Crew take a look at more of Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's remarks from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Supreme Court ethics, Adam Conover calling out rich CEO's on CNN as the WGA strike continues, what Tucker Carlson actually said in that text that supposedly got him fired and how it compares to the standard racist fare that one of his possible successors, Jesse Watters, spews on a daily basis, and Abby Grossberg, his former producer, making clear that Fox News calls the shots for congressional Republicans. Plus, your calls & IM's!

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