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It's an EmMajority Report Thursday! She hosts Adrienne Buller, Senior Fellow at Common Wealth, to discuss her recent book The Value of a Whale: On the Illusions of Green Capitalism. Then, in a pre-taped conversation, Emma sits down with Mark Himmelstein and Marshawn Brewer of the bargaining committee for Fordham University graduate students, to discuss their recent organizing efforts and yesterday's walkout from classes.

First, Emma runs through updates on Manchin’s future, Disney’s lawsuit against DeSantis, Tucker’s firing, Montana’s fascist GOP ousting Zooey Zephyr, Schumer’s meeting with Elon Musk, and Trump’s myriad legal battles, before diving into Tucker Carlson’s weak debut post-Fox. Adrienne Buller then dives right into her recent piece on green capitalism, first exploring how the title parodies an IMF article evaluating the capital worth of whales to the global economy, and parsing through neoliberalism’s emphasis on financialization and market-driven solutions. Next, Buller steps back to assess green capitalism as a whole, understanding its recognition of the climate crisis as progress while still recognizing how it seeks to exploit said crisis, walking through the myriad “green” tactics, like carbon pricing/capture and ESG, and exploring how they work to incentivize rather than regulate, thus providing more than enough loopholes for capitalists to offshore and offset exploitation. Wrapping up, Adrienne and Emma look to Biden’s IRA as a perfect example of green capitalism’s market-based solutions, the importance of grounding solutions in justice, and why social justice can’t prioritize profitability. Then, Emma is joined by Mark Himmelsbach and Marshawn Brewer as they walk through the impetus for the unionization of Fordham’s graduate students, from the University’s failure to respond to COVID to New York’s growing cost-of-living crisis, and explore what its like to battle against an institution that refuses to recognize you, much less your struggles. Wrapping up, they dive into the union’s recent walkout, where the union’s hopes lay, and how those of us outside of the union can help.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Matt Binder as they tackle Bernie’s Biden endorsement, watch Crowder get eviscerated by an up-and-coming Amy Schumer, and Wayne from Iowa holds Emma accountable for her child-labor-phobic comments. They also tackle Dwayne Wade’s recent comments on Florida’s growing fascism, Nico from San Francisco helps the crew parse through SF’s anti-homeless fury, and Ron Johnson doesn’t give a sh*t about your crops. Marjorie Taylor Greene capitalizes on her committee seats with some staunch homophobia, and Robert from Georgia dives into the Tucker Carlson firing, plus, your calls and IMs!

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